Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vegan Osso Bucco

Annie at Meet the Shannons is veganizing her way through the Betty Crocker cookbook. Kind of a cool project. Since I had some Gardein Beefless Tips in the freezer, I tried out the Osso Bucco recipe the other day. It came out a little salty, but seriously delicious and easy to make. Next time I'll cut back on the boullion. I served the mashed potatoes and beefless tips with side of golden beet and asparagus from my garden (steamed), which was perfect.

Just goes to show that almost any recipe can be veganized with good results.

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  1. Another reader sent me this link and I was so excited you made the Osso Bucco. Yeah - it was kinda salty but it has been one of our favorite recipe thus far! If you make anything else please let me know. . .